About Me

I’m so glad you’re here (But seriously, how did you get off Amazon Prime?) My name is Bethany Tate, I’m a furniture artisan, writer, and small business owner. I have a studio in Annapolis Maryland called Tate Remade. In this 130 square feet is where I create and photograph the pieces you see on my blog. I’d love to meet you there and get to know you (just as long as you bring coffee or furniture).

Now I’m not only the owner and designer at Tate Remade, let me wow you with the fact that I’m also the author of this witty blog which documents my furniture and design adventures. *insert impressed eyebrows here*

Most people ask me how I started along this journey, so I’m going to assume you also might want to know. I started painting furniture when I married my best friend, Dean, and the military…. As you know, furniture is hard to come by when you have little money or resources. Settling our first home pushed me to get creative when it came to decorating and filling our new space. From our neighborhood curbside to Goodwill, I began taking one piece of beat up, broken, or just plain nasty furniture after another and would make it pretty enough to be part of our home.

After you ask how I started, you might ask how I know how to do it? Well, my dad had his own business doing contract construction work when I was growing up. When I wasn’t chasing one of my 7 siblings, playing Barbie interior decorator, or throwing a football, I had a paintbrush or power tool in my hand, helping my dad with projects for his clients or around our home.

Fast forward some years, experience, a college degree, and a business plan (or at least a solid idea in my head) and here I am.

I take the time to write here because of my love for the written word and desire to share my trial, errors, and just good-old-fashioned before and after transformations! I believe that all things in life point towards faith, family, and love so you will probably see that spill over into my posts (sorry, not sorry).

Restoration design is something that has always made me happy. I believe in taking the old and broken and giving it the attention, love, and care it needs to find purpose and new life. This world is full of things our cultures tell us to throw away, but I’m not about to hop on that train, so you’ll find me salvaging or fixing wherever I can.

I’ve been married to my bestĀ friend and love of my life since December of 2014. But don’t let the date fool you, we’ve been friends since we were babies! As native Texans living the east coast life, we are in a constant state of Tex-Mex detox and find ourselves looking for one, just one, good Margarita in Maryland. When we aren’t on the hunt for chips and salsa, we are typically looking for new things to get involved in or do. I love my man, and I love that each and every day we are reminded of what God is doing in our lives and in the lives of our friends and community.

A normal day in my life includes: coffee, running, moving furniture around in my home, painting furniture, taking pictures of furniture, picking up Craigslist furniture from creepy places (seeing a furniture trend yet?)…. I also love eating, cooking, and entertaining. I believe in faith and love and a God who spun it all into existence, which gives me a ton of peace and motivation to keep going in this crazy world.

Now that you know me, would you trust me with your furniture? If you’re crazy enough to jump in, I’d love to meet you, hear what kind of design you want in your home, and make those visions happen with a loving family heirloom, or a piece you found out thrifting. Whatever reason you found this blog, thanks for sharing in the journey of my life.