About Me

I’m so glad you’re here (seriously, I never suspected I would get real-life people to read this)! My name is Bethany, I’d love to meet you or help you with your furniture restoration needs. Thanks for visiting my blog and checking out my work.

I started this website because of my love for the written word, furniture restoration and creating a peaceful home. You can typically find me in my garage, music blasting, covered in paint, and a hot cup of coffee in my hand -it’s one of my happy places, where pretty things are made.

I’ve been married to my best friend and love of my life since December of 2014. But don’t let the date fool you, we’ve been friends since we were babies! Our biggest adventure is trusting God to show us how to respond and grow in each new day He provides. I love spending my days restoring furniture, writing, running, hanging out with family and friends, and entertaining. All of this has taken a turn since my husband started his career in the Air Force. Now we are on the move. New places, people, foods, and cultures. We are loving our time thus far and learning how to grow where we are planted.

Originally from Texas, I’m one of eight children (yes, from the same crazy parents). I graduated from Texas State University with a Bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in Journalism. I feel like the best moments in life are captured around the table -better yet, a painted table- over a meal, or game, or, a big glass of wine with the people you love. With that being said, my goal is to find affordable ways to create a place of peace in my home, while inspiring you to do the same.

My favorite thing about restoring furniture is the reminder that with a little love, devotion, and effort I can turn a worthless piece into a valued treasure. I think this is so precious to me because it’s the Gospel of Christ in essence. The bible says Jesus sees the value in the human race, even when we are broken, useless, lost and forgotten. Jesus sees right through our rusty outside into the real treasure underneath.

I would love to help you upcycle furniture in your home to give it the TLC it needs and transform it into a piece that will complement your family and lifestyle. Feel free to contact me!