Glazed Gray Dresser

Lately I’ve noticed how many of my pieces have refinished wood on them. Like… 95% of them. So, I dug through some folders and found this painted piece to share with you. I’ll link to the products I used and give you any tips I can think of if you’re interested in creating a similar look. Sadly, there are no before photos of this piece, but just picture a traditional red-ish brown stained wood dresser and you can envision it before!

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Becoming Like New, and 2018.

Hello, friends! And Happy New Year. I can’t believe it’s 2018.

2017 was one. full. year. Anyone else? Our small family experienced a lot of challenges, successes, joys and sorrows. Some of the big moments that stand out to me are: ┬ástarting my studio, buying our first home, moving to a new neighborhood, watching my siblings graduate, get married, and get engaged, (there’s a lot of life happening in our big family half a country away) we had my brother live with us for 8 weeks, friends and family visit Maryland, we had to say the hardest goodbye to our sweet boy, Titus (click to watch the most beautiful Christmas gift I’ve ever received made by my husband), I ran another marathon, and we traveled quite a bit. I feel tired and emotionally drained just thinking about all those wonderful highs, and moments of growth in the belly of the lows.

What about you? I’d love to hear your favorite story, or a way you grew personally in 2017.

In the midst of all that life, I found the ability to keep growing as an entrepreneur and was able to complete some really incredible pieces for sweet clients. This, is one of those:

I actually spotted this bench on a buy-sale-trade site (that I addictively monitor multiple times a day) and made an offer on the bench. The woman (my future client) responded with “no way” to my offer. I laugh thinking about it now. I responded logically, with why my offer was lower than the asking price, what I planned to do with it, and how much time it would take to salvage the piece. She then proceeded to ask me to do all of that for her. She was wise, because this piece is absolutely precious and will be a timeless addition to her home. Continue reading “Becoming Like New, and 2018.”

A Sweet Find at Dixon’s Crumpton Auction

Y’all. Let me tell you that I CANNOT believe I haven’t shared this with you before now. And I have to get it out for your enjoyment before Christmas because I staged this piece (and antique dresser) with Christmas decor and it looks so darn cute! I also wanted to write one more quick post in honor of all the pieces I restored (and places these they took me) this year!

If you haven’t heard of Dixon’s Crumpton Auction in Crumpton, MD than you are missing out! It’s a collector, picker, and antique-hunter paradise.

Image source: Crumpton Auctions Facebook page

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