A Bench Restoration

I’m so excited to reveal this piece to you. Lately, I feel like God is putting the most kind and incredible people in front of me. The owners of this bench are no exception. They are two beautiful souls and it was an honor that they trusted me with a piece of furniture they truly love and have had around 30 years! Continue reading “A Bench Restoration”

A Storage Chest for Baby Joey

When we first arrived in Maryland in May of this year, Dean and I didn’t know anyone.

The day we stepped foot in the state, was our first night to call it home. With a full moving truck, tired feet, and excitement in each breath, we’ve been working to make this place feel like our home ever since.

While Dean was busy getting settled into his new squadron, new place of work, new commute, new job, I was staring straight into the emptiness of mine. There was no structure waiting for me, no path or direction, no email telling me when to show up. Those were long days unpacking and working by myself. I’m a creator, an artisan, and totally new to running my own business and working by myself, so there were many days I felt at a loss in a new city, not knowing a soul but still trying to create something out of nothing. Our worlds are so different, but getting to support each other in our careers is enriching our marriage and making us a better team!

This morning I spent some time praying and reflecting on the last 5 months. This time has shown me that with faith, patience, and a load of grace, God moves. Doors have been opened where walls once only existed, relationships have been formed, new adventures have begun, and I feel dizzy with excitement and overwhelmed by the love of God, my family, and friends (both old and new) as my life is daily enriched with new challenges and blessings! I’m so glad I took the chance to pursue Restored Living as my full-time career. I’m grateful I faced the down days with the support of my incredible husband, and that I’m able to shut the door on doubt and fear when I don’t feel good enough or like I’ll make it on my own. Pursuing your dreams takes hard work, huh?

This post today is brought to you by Facebook! I’m grateful for Facebook and the infinite groups it holds, because it really is an open door into the lives of so many people. From a simple post on a military spouse page, I got to meet Stephanie. Not only is she a fellow interior design and creative enthusiast, she has spent years of her life in Texas -FRIENDSHIP BONUS!

This new friend and sweet soul, allowed me to recreate a garage sale storage chest she had picked up for a project such as this! She has a beautiful baby boy, Joey, and this chest is to go in his nursery. I love getting to be part of enriching people’s homes with beautiful custom furniture that fits their needs and makes them happy!

Take a look at what Stephanie gave to me and see if you could have seen this for what is could be, instead of what it was! Continue reading “A Storage Chest for Baby Joey”

A Nursery for Noah

I’m so excited to finally be able to blog about the three pieces of nursery furniture I got to upcycle for, what will soon be, baby Noah’s nursery! I was given the opportunity to work for an Air Force couple who are excitingly getting ready to welcome their firstborn into the world. I love that they had a vision to take used furniture and a special piece they had picked up overseas to create a nursery that was functional and fit their needs. I mean, why not save some money and re-purpose old items?  The fun thing is that none of the items matched or were the same style. But after everything was painted with General Finishes (GF) Driftwood Milk Paint and glazed with GF Winter White, the pieces came together like they belonged the whole time!

Since this wonderful little family is bringing home their baby to a small farm, we agreed a more rustic, farmhouse finish would be the perfect, natural, addition to the nursery. Using a glaze was the way to go because it gave me the two-tone look and character I wanted to create.

I worked on the dresser and its mirror (converting the top drawer to a shelf), a bench/side table (which, I found out, is actually an old telephone seat) and a crib. I didn’t take before pictures of the crib because it wasn’t set up; however, it turned out so cute I’ll throw in an after picture just for you!

So first, here are the before pictures of the dresser and mirror! (that’s also the crib in the background)


This dresser had 3 layers of paint over its original finish… for whatever reason, joy escapes me when I think how long it took to sand the top and the mirror! But the hard work, blistered hands, and layers of dust in my hair were WELL worth it.


I’m sorry… but this dusty-flat brown? What were the previous owners thinking?


After layers of paint and a lot of time and hard work, I would call this upcycle a complete success!


Excuse me while I pat myself on the back, but I had the brilliant idea of using the bottom of the top drawer as the material to build my shelf. <– now that is re-purposing at its best! 


Doesn’t the stain make the mirror pop? I’m so thankful I stained it instead of painting it. I think it’s just what was needed to pull the two pieces together. Can’t wait to see it on the wall in the nursery!


The top turned out so smooth. I was totally wishing I had some baskets full of baby goodies to photograph to get the full look but since I don’t, you’ll have to use your imagination!


I have a very happy heart over the dresser (which is intended to serve as a changing table with baskets of cloth diapers and other baby goodies on the shelf) and its handsome mirror!

This next piece is what I will call the bench, for simplicity’s sake. It’s funky and I love it! As I was painting I kept having day dreams about little Noah tying his shoes here, or swinging his chubby toddler legs back and forth as he plays in his room. I think this piece will serve its purpose for Noah and any other siblings who may come along after him!




The top of the end table and the bench were sanded and stained. Everything else was art. Fair warning, if you decided to use a glaze be prepared to practice patience. It takes a while to get it just right.


I feel as if this piece transformed from ordinary to AWESOME. I love the turn around. The solid wood was beautiful and after a lot of sanding the new stain shines brightly! The knobs were spray painted bronze and painted with a protective clear coat to prevent any scratching.


And, lastly, the crib!


I hope you enjoyed looking at these pictures as much as I did. I realize the finished product is like my baby, so I’m a bit obsessive, but seriously, isn’t it cute?!

I also hope you feel inspired to pull together some random furniture in your house and turn into a space that works together to create the feeling you want! If you need advice, feel free to comment!