Classical Upholstered Armchairs

There is simply something classic and stately about a high-back armchair. However; it loses a little of its stately demeanor after the family cat has used it as a scratching post or the print is a couple of decades out of style. Most of us can relate to furniture in our home being well-loved by a pet or so used that the fabric is wearing thin. With no exception, these chairs had encountered such a fate. But it wasn’t the end of their story!

If you liked my post about the classical bench restoration, you may find it interesting to know that these chairs are sitting in that same room in the same gorgeous house surrounded by water somewhere in Maryland. Continue reading “Classical Upholstered Armchairs”

A Storage Chest for Baby Joey

When we first arrived in Maryland in May of this year, Dean and I didn’t know anyone.

The day we stepped foot in the state, was our first night to call it home. With a full moving truck, tired feet, and excitement in each breath, we’ve been working to make this place feel like our home ever since.

While Dean was busy getting settled into his new squadron, new place of work, new commute, new job, I was staring straight into the emptiness of mine. There was no structure waiting for me, no path or direction, no email telling me when to show up. Those were long days unpacking and working by myself. I’m a creator, an artisan, and totally new to running my own business and working by myself, so there were many days I felt at a loss in a new city, not knowing a soul but still trying to create something out of nothing. Our worlds are so different, but getting to support each other in our careers is enriching our marriage and making us a better team!

This morning I spent some time praying and reflecting on the last 5 months. This time has shown me that with faith, patience, and a load of grace, God moves. Doors have been opened where walls once only existed, relationships have been formed, new adventures have begun, and I feel dizzy with excitement and overwhelmed by the love of God, my family, and friends (both old and new) as my life is daily enriched with new challenges and blessings! I’m so glad I took the chance to pursue Restored Living as my full-time career. I’m grateful I faced the down days with the support of my incredible husband, and that I’m able to shut the door on doubt and fear when I don’t feel good enough or like I’ll make it on my own. Pursuing your dreams takes hard work, huh?

This post today is brought to you by Facebook! I’m grateful for Facebook and the infinite groups it holds, because it really is an open door into the lives of so many people. From a simple post on a military spouse page, I got to meet Stephanie. Not only is she a fellow interior design and creative enthusiast, she has spent years of her life in Texas -FRIENDSHIP BONUS!

This new friend and sweet soul, allowed me to recreate a garage sale storage chest she had picked up for a project such as this! She has a beautiful baby boy, Joey, and this chest is to go in his nursery. I love getting to be part of enriching people’s homes with beautiful custom furniture that fits their needs and makes them happy!

Take a look at what Stephanie gave to me and see if you could have seen this for what is could be, instead of what it was! Continue reading “A Storage Chest for Baby Joey”

Upcycled Garage Sale Lamps

We’ve been in base housing for a little over a month now and I’m so grateful for where we live. Our house is way too big for just the two of us but it’s safe and beginning to feel more like home. With all the stuff happening in our world, I can’t help but constantly be grateful for a safe place to lay my head at night in the loving arms of a man who treats me like gold. I have been given so much to be thankful for and to share. Definitely at the forefront of my mind this time of year.

The one thing that has bothered me about my house is that the florescent lighting is insufficient and has a horrible glow. It’s like these lights suck the moisture from my eyeballs. I don’t understand why anyone would put them in a home!

Since quality lamps can be on the pricey side, my goal was to find a couple of lamps to upcycle to give our bedroom some much needed, softer lighting. I found two incredible lamps at a garage sale for $3 a piece. The lamp shades were on sale at Lowe’s for approximately $10. After a can of spray paint, I had two lamps for under $30! Here’s the process in pictures.


This was one of the lamps I found. The gold finish was wearing away into a copper tone… like cheap gold metal does.


I prepped the lamp by covering the electric areas and the plug/cord.


I spray painted the lamp a black that was not too glossy or too matte. Titus was disappointed we didn’t go for a walk.


I found a lamp shade at Lowe’s that went great with our bedroom colors.


And it was finished! This is a quick, easy, and affordable way to bring accent lighting into any space. I’m definitely using this in other bedrooms in our house! Look for used lamps at garage sales, flea markets, or places like Good Will for a fun and easy piece to upcycle.