A Vintage Dresser for a Soirée

Hey friends!

Can I be honest? I’m on my second cup of coffee because I’m dreading going out to the garage to work in the heat! I ran 5 miles with a friend this morning, and my energy level is dropping when I think of sweating more than I already have. Summer is definitely not my favorite time of year, but for all you people who love living life like it’s a sauna -enjoy. Continue reading “A Vintage Dresser for a Soirée”

Vintage Empire Dresser Meets Mint Chocolate Chip

When I stepped back from my glaze work (the brown finish) on this dresser, my stomach began to growl. I think the chocolaty-brown glaze over my Persian Blue milk paint turned this piece into a green mint-chocolate-chip dream and it made me have nothing but ice cream on my brain.

I’m joking.

Kind of.

I scored this piece off a Facebook garage sale group from a kind man who owns a moving company. When I saw his photo, I was hoping to restore it with a dark java stain, but I ended up painting it because the veneer wasn’t in the best of shape (this is what happens when you buy furniture in the dark).

-Funny side note, I picked this dresser up at 9:00 p.m., but right before that my GPS led me to  his neighbor’s home. When I asked his neighbors how much I owed them for the dresser, they looked at me like I was a CRAZY woman. -_-

So, I really did want to restore it originally. But once I looked at the piece in the light, I realized it wasn’t going to happen. Sometimes, it’s okay when our ideas crash around us; because the challenge the crash creates makes us dig a little deeper into our creativity to find a solution. Which I did!

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The Tale of an Art Deco Dresser

This month has been full of excitement. A door opened to me at the beginning of the month as I was offered to lease my very own studio space in the design district of Annapolis, MD. I’ve been given the opportunity to work beside multiple creative small businesses and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. As young and new to all of this as I am, I’m so excited to learn from new, talented friends.

My only question: what do people do with an empty garage? I just can’t seem to remember.

With this new business opportunity, I’m beginning the process of deciding on an official business name and working on my image. Yes, friends, things may be changing here at the Restored Living blog; but I promise it’s for the better and it will still be me and my creations!

I actually wanted to share this Art Deco dresser with you today, because this transformation has been the engine that got my brain turning onto new ideas for my business. I’ve had this dresser for many months and it’s been the last on my priority list for several reasons, but it’s finished now and safely in my studio.

Let me tell you a little about it, and the story I’ve imagined it to have.  Continue reading “The Tale of an Art Deco Dresser”