An Eastport Coffee Table Finds a Home

Hey friends!

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve seen me post a couple of sneak peeks of this piece and that is because I’m SO excited to finally show this to you. Especially since I completed this project 6 months ago, and just got to take photos of it last weekend!

Since moving to Annapolis, I’ve fallen in love with the historic homes, life on the water, manicured lawns, and flowers galore. To a Texan, every bit of green feels like a piece of paradise. Within Annapolis, is an adorable little community (with a lot of pride and great people) called Eastport. Without going into a ton of history or facts I may very well have twisted, Eastport is almost like it’s own little town within Maryland’s nautical capitol.  I live very close to this community, and I love eating, running, playing, shopping, grabbing coffee, and just being in Eastport.

So back to the table.

Last May, I was camping somewhere in Virginia with spotty service. I was attempting to unplug and just relax with some old friends for a couple of days. But somehow, my cell came into range and I received multiple texts from friends who live in Eastport that there was a cool looking coffee table on the side of the road. Seeing that I was no where close to being able to save the “trash” furniture kicked to the curb, my incredible friend saved the day, and somehow got the large, heavy piece to the safety of her backyard. She informed me that it was REALLY great, however there was dog poop on the leg, rust on the iron work, and all kinds of creatures living on the splintered wood.


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A Snow White Kind of Day

Hey friend,

I wish you were here with me, sitting by the fire listing to holiday tunes as I watch the snow dance as it falls outside my window. Let me tell you, today the stars aligned. Because not only is it a Saturday, it’s a rare one in the way that I have no plans (at least that I can remember) and it’s the first snow fall of the season. So I’m doing what I want to do everyday but can’t -staying home. The crockpot is stewing and I’ve had mugs and mugs of cider, coffee, and tea. I’m a happy woman.

This week took Dean to Florida and found myself starting another kitchen cabinet job on the eastern shore of Maryland (a blog post will most definitely follow). Happily reporting that after 5 long days and another head cold I’m still standing!  I somehow managed to get a couple of projects done, Christmas shop, and decorate too. I’m feeling pleased with this restful day and overjoyed about the winter wonderland outside my window. The purest white is blanketing the ground of our new home and it inspired me so much I thought I would share this beautiful white dresser with you I just finished for a lovely client.

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Traditional Hutch Turns Modern

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