A Bench Restoration

I’m so excited to reveal this piece to you. Lately, I feel like God is putting the most kind and incredible people in front of me. The owners of this bench are no exception. They are two beautiful souls and it was an honor that they trusted me with a piece of furniture they truly love and have had around 30 years! Continue reading “A Bench Restoration”

Galley-Style Kitchen Cabinet Update

Happy Saturday, friends!

I find you with two cramped-up shoulder blades, an aching bicep (yes, just the one), a screaming lower back, and the happiest heart. And coffee. Two cups of coffee.

The last 11 days have been insane for me. Non-stop. While my husband is on a temporary deployment for a month, I decided to take on the project of painting a client’s kitchen cabinets. Everything was OK until I rehung all the doors by myself. My weak little arms could hardly hold the shaking power drill by hour six. But I DID IT! #womanpower.  I’m a firm believer that a woman can do anything a man can… but sometimes stuff is just heavy! (okay, okay, complaining over). Continue reading “Galley-Style Kitchen Cabinet Update”

Repurposed Vintage Dresser

One lazy Saturday afternoon Dean and I were hanging out around the house. I can’t have nothing to do for too long, so I asked him if he wanted to go “treasure” hunting at our local Goodwill.

We jumped in the car and then drifted apart once we were in the store. I don’t know why but Dean and I can NEVER stay in the same area while we shop “together”. I think it’s because I look at things in a quick and timely manner -always knowing what I want, while he slowly peruses the aisles, looking for a broken electronic device he can fix or a dusty and faded philosophical book. -Our brains are VERY different.

He caught me examining this beat-up, broken dresser. The drawers were cracked, broken, and stuck. The back was weak and brittle from water damaged. I stood there for a bit, trying to analyze the damage and dream up a vision for what this could become. Continue reading “Repurposed Vintage Dresser”