A Spooky Secretary Desk

It’s my favorite time of the year. Fall has come in with the cool northern breeze and the Maryland trees are slowing giving into the season with pops of orange and vibrant reds. The nights and mornings are cooler and I have bright yellow mums and pumpkins on my porch. As a native Texan, there isn’t a fall day that sneaks by without me being fully caught up in the magic of the change of seasons. I’m seriously loving ever colorful leaf that falls from the trees around me.

I felt inspired by the season while photographing this sweet secretary desk that I just finished for a new client. It must be the mix of the old claw feet, smooth black milk paint, and the deep grain of the wood that has me swooning over mystery that this piece holds. I LOVE it and it’s just fitting for the month since the claw feet give it a creepy-factor that’s very Halloween.

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A Bench Restoration

I’m so excited to reveal this piece to you. Lately, I feel like God is putting the most kind and incredible people in front of me. The owners of this bench are no exception. They are two beautiful souls and it was an honor that they trusted me with a piece of furniture they truly love and have had around 30 years! Continue reading “A Bench Restoration”

Galley-Style Kitchen Cabinet Update

Happy Saturday, friends!

I find you with two cramped-up shoulder blades, an aching bicep (yes, just the one), a screaming lower back, and the happiest heart. And coffee. Two cups of coffee.

The last 11 days have been insane for me. Non-stop. While my husband is on a temporary deployment for a month, I decided to take on the project of painting a client’s kitchen cabinets. Everything was OK until I rehung all the doors by myself. My weak little arms could hardly hold the shaking power drill by hour six. But I DID IT! #womanpower.  I’m a firm believer that a woman can do anything a man can… but sometimes stuff is just heavy! (okay, okay, complaining over). Continue reading “Galley-Style Kitchen Cabinet Update”