A Vintage Dresser for a Soirée

Hey friends!

Can I be honest? I’m on my second cup of coffee because I’m dreading going out to the garage to work in the heat! I ran 5 miles with a friend this morning, and my energy level is dropping when I think of sweating more than I already have. Summer is definitely not my favorite time of year, but for all you people who love living life like it’s a sauna -enjoy. Continue reading “A Vintage Dresser for a Soirée”

A Bench Restoration

I’m so excited to reveal this piece to you. Lately, I feel like God is putting the most kind and incredible people in front of me. The owners of this bench are no exception. They are two beautiful souls and it was an honor that they trusted me with a piece of furniture they truly love and have had around 30 years! Continue reading “A Bench Restoration”

Mid-Century Dresser Restoration

Happy Monday, Friends!

It has been a beautiful, breezy day here is Annapolis, Maryland. Despite it being Monday in all its Monday glory, I’m feeling VERY energized after a fantastic weekend hanging out with my husband. *insert goo-goo eyes here* I forgot how incredible he is. How did I forget you ask?

Well, the beginning of 2017 has been a bit of a whirlwind for the two of us.


As in, this was our first weekend alone since January 6th!


That’s right. January. Flipping. 6th.

It’s easy to get caught up in life: work, family, friends, deadlines, needs, and dreams. All of these are such good things, but I got lost in them the last two months. I knew it was time to nurture my relationship with Dean. So, we took this weekend to just be together.

It was so good. Continue reading “Mid-Century Dresser Restoration”